We Don’t Want to Live There – 3 Movie Destinations We’re Glad are Made Up

Thankfully the creativity and imagination of movie makers can be maintained behind that massive screen. We all know of scenes or functional movie sets that are the epitome of grotesque, darkness, and sinister living. Thank goodness we are not bound to the appalling establishments that are featured in some major films.

1) Zion (The Matrix)

Take for example the formidable city of Zion from the Matrix Trilogy. While it is a symbol of hope, throughout much of these films, Zion appears to be cold, dark, and hard. The few times that producers feature colors other than black, blue, and grey, the orange glow is only from the burning embers within ominous, hellacious caverns.  And of course the ever present threat that intelligent and murderous machines are looping just outside the underground city’s gates ready to kill all of the city’s inhabitants doesn’t really make this city high on one’s “must visit” list.

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Top 3 things to do when visiting Maine

The beautiful state of Maine is chock full of fun and engaging stuff to do, and although it’s difficult to narrow down the 3 most influential and fun destinations, the following activities are some of the most superlative in the state.

As a rocky, waterfront state, Maine’s jagged, yet beautiful coastline is stippled with stunning lighthouses nestled atop breathtaking cliff sides and situated along sandy beaches. With more than 60 different lighthouse structures throughout the state, visitors can not only take in the remarkable scenery of the various coastal towns, but they can revel in the classic history and memorable seaman’s tales that are deep rooted in these iconic watchtowers. Sightseers can observe a flexible, customized tour of several monumental lighthouses either by land, sea, or sky. While you are exploring the coastline, it’s imperative to stop at one of the tried and true, local seafood restaurants and indulge in a quintessential, touchstone of the coast, Maine lobster.

Perhaps one of the most versatile destinations in Maine is the Sugarloaf Resort which features adventurous, outdoor sporting events in the winter, and a prestigious golf course for entertainment during the summer months. In addition, Sugarloaf offers an Outpost Adventure Center where guests can book chairlift rides, zipline adventures, zegway tours, paddleboard rentals, and schedule a kayaking or canoe trip. They offer invigorating nightlife, various outdoor camps, and a myriad of on-site eateries that provide delectable cuisine. Sugarloaf is also a phenomenal venue for hosting group events or wedding celebrations. Adventure enthusiasts are not only limited to Sugarloaf’s ski slopes; there are two other renowned ski resorts to choose from.

Maine is saturated with breathtaking scenery and magnificent landscapes. This particular nature-rich state is a popular destination for camping, hunting, and fishing. There are many bears, moose, deer, and various waterfowl that are commonly sought after by avid outdoorsmen. With a plethora of parks and recreational areas throughout, visitors can partake in leisurely, self-led explorations on foot, bicycle, or snowmobile.

Maine is certainly a state with an activity for everyone. And luckily, regardless of whether you visit in the summer or winter months, there is always something exciting taking place.

3 Fictional Movie Places We Wish Were Real

Have you ever read a book or watched a feature film and imagined what life might be like if these places were real?

What would a day in the life of the Hogwarts castle be like?

What kind of adventures might one find themselves on if they could explore the natural phenomena of Narnia?

How majestic and magical must the culture be in the city of Asgard?

What about these fictional places is so appealing?

Why do we find ourselves so intrigued and mesmerized by these imaginary destinations, and how to filmmakers successfully depict such vivid inventiveness?

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